My Theory on Facebook's Shadow Profiles

I’m hot off the heals of passing the CISSP exam and felt inclined to post on a security related topic. Perhaps a bit dystopian in nature but given light of recent revelations regarding data collection from Cambridge Analytical by means of Facebook, I thought I’d write a bit about a... [Read More]
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CISSP Mnemonics

I’ve disappeared for awhile. Been a bit busy with school and then I went heads down into CISSP study prep. I did pass the test and I’m waiting on the review by ISC2. Overall, I didn’t enjoy this test at all. I found a lot of the subject matter antiquated.... [Read More]
Tags: security, isc2, cissp

Windows environment variables using %SystemRoot%

This past week I was working an issue where a specific agent in our stack software was failing some commands on a group of Windows 2012 R2 servers. It seemed like there was a “Google Gap”, as I call it. I couldn’t find any recent information really describing my problem,... [Read More]
Tags: sysadmin, powershell, windows, path, environment variables

Making a case for AWS-Specific parameter types

Recently I was working on a Cloudformation template that allowed a user to deploy a set of resources including an EC2 instance and conditionally pass an instance key parameter. This is so I can deploy instances with no keypair using the same template. I first checked out cloudonaut’s post on... [Read More]
Tags: aws, Cloudformation, programming

Forwarding Tenvis security camera emails to S3 (with notifications!)

So you just got that brand new security cam to keep you safe at night. But you skimped out a bit and bought the cheap Tenvis IPCam on Amazon to save a few bucks. Very soon after setup you get annoyed that the app doesn’t run in the background of... [Read More]
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